What Type of Roller Blinds Should I Choose For my Home??

Admittedly it’s not the burning question on everybody’s mind but when it comes to choosing new window blinds for the home or workplace it is worth considering all the possibilities. Here at Contour Blinds we thought it would be a good idea to explain how you can achieve the right balance between functionality and style so that you can make an informed decision when making your selection.

Roller Blinds
These blinds have really stood the test of time and the choice of fabrics options are countless. However, do not be intimidated but instead “embrace the challenge”. To help we have broken down the types of Roller Blinds to assist your decision-making process. As a responsible company it goes without saying at all our blinds are manufactured with child safety in mind and they comply with Child Safe Legislation EN13120.
View our collection of roller blinds here.

Plain Dim Out Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds from Decora Splash Range. 60 lightly textured plain captivating colours designer to inject a splash of colour for your interior. Choose from signature creams and greys for a touch of purity; gentle dusky tones to create a sense of calm and elegance; or inspiring bright colours for a playful vibe. Ideal for any room and can be used to complement soft furnishings.
View our collection of dim out blinds here.

Patterned & Designer Dim Out Roller Blinds
These gorgeous blinds from Decora’s Fabric Box featuring a balance of harmonious tones, eclectic palettes, distinctive design & sophisticated textures. The collection integrates a variety of designs for differing aesthetic tastes and has been created with the latest interior trends in mind. These blinds look great in lounges/sitting rooms and dining rooms where they can enhance the appearance of existing furnishings.
View our stunning collection of designer dim out roller blinds here and our collection of beautiful patterned dim out roller blinds here.

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds.
Not only providing a dark environment, block-out blinds block the Sun’s rays from causing a room to overheat. This helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature and in the warmer Summer month’s preventing the home from getting too warm and benefits our bodies as well as our electricity bills! These blinds have a fabric front and an impregnated PVC backing ensuring absolute privacy. They are a must for kid’s bedrooms and are partially good for those night workers who need a darkened room during the day. Why not view our collection of plain blackout blinds here.

PVC Easicare Blackout Roller Blinds
Can you imagine how you would feel if you fitted some nice new fabric blinds in the kitchen window and a few days later found that they were stained from splashes from the kitchen sink. Fear not as we at Contour Blinds have the answer. Why not select a PVC easy- wipe Roller Blind from the Easicare Range from Decora. These blinds are lightly textured plain of patterned blackout PVC blind, with the added property of being Fire Retardant. Easicare technology makes this fabric effortless to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. An absolute must for bathrooms, wet rooms, not forgetting kitchens and utility rooms and any area where moisture is present. Unlike conventional fabrics, these blinds are also resistant to the formation of mould in moist areas. View our collection os PVC blackout roller blinds here.

Remember, that whilst this selection process may be a new experience for you, at Contour Blinds we have been assisting customers for the best part of 30 years throughout the UK and Ireland and there are not too many scenarios that we haven’t come across.
With that in mind, we will be happy to offer you free advice on any of our blinds and are only a phone call away. We can be reached on 020 3239 5585 or you may find it easier to contact us via our online “Contact Us” page.