Introducing Soft Shade Zebra Blinds From Contour Blinds

“What on earth is a Zebra Blind I hear you ask”? No, we haven’t lost the plot or started to breed exotic animals at Contour Blinds, but we have a brand-new product which is going to take the window blind shading industry by storm. Let me explain……

This brand-new addition to the “Contour Blinds Stable” is called Soft Shade but also affectionally know and Zebra Blinds. They have also been referred to as a Layered, Dual, or Banded Shade. Perhaps the easiest way to describe this blind is that it is pretty much like a roller blind but with the fabric in a loop.

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How do Zebra Blinds Soft Shade Blinds Work?

Zebra blinds combines sheer sunscreen (voile) and solid weave fabric in alternate strips. When the solid fabric strips overlap, sunlight is blocked out; when the sheer fabric strips overlap, light is let in. From a sunlit room to a darker, more private space, these shades can transition from open to closed in seconds. They operate in the same manner as normal roller blinds with child safe chain components provided to British Standards.

Zebra Blinds Soft Shade Blinds Fabrics

Zebra shades have a wide variety of fabric, texture, and colour options available. You can go bold with bright colours or keep it neutral! Choose light filtering or room-darkening fabrics to completely customize each room! There are all types of designs available at your convenience at If in doubt don’t hesitate to request free samples via our Contact Us page by clicking here.

Clever Versatile Design

Zebra shades are extremely versatile and can fit in any home. They are considered “transitional” meaning they work with contemporary designs, as well as, traditional, and everywhere in between. Just like a roller blind, they offer clean lines that fit perfectly with modern/contemporary settings but also can fit right into the traditional décor due to their soft sheer fabrics. These Blinds really are an interior designer’s dream.

Where Can I Use Soft Shade Zebra Blinds from the Decora Fabric Box?

Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting for your bedroom, sitting room, lounge, office or study, the sleek design and flexibility of light control makes these Zebra Shades perfect for any room. 

Do you want some dimout and privacy?  Close the blinds completely. Much like opening and closing the slats of a vertical louvre blind, Zebra Blinds control light by alternating the bands from open to close. 

Do you want more light? Leave them open and light will stream in through your Zebra Shades from Contour Blinds. 

Just like a conventional roller blind you can also raise all the way up and have a full view to outside with no obstructions in the window.

Need Any Help in Choosing Your Blinds?

Here at Contour Blinds we are more that happy to lend a helping hand should you need it. Remember our is logo is “A Lifetime in The Shade.” Whilst blinds may be second nature to us because we “live and breath blinds” we are conscious that for a first-time buyer it may be a daunting experience.

Feel free to contact for help us via our Contact Us Page, and please make yourself familial with our Measuring Guide.

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Has The Zebra Escaped from the Zoo???

The Soft Shade Zebra Blinds presents an elegant collection of duo roller blinds for increased precision of light control and privacy.

Merging textured weaves and woven jacquards with delicate sheer voiles, Soft Shade presents two layers of luxurious fabrics that move simultaneously for sophisticated light control.

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