“A lifetime in the Shade” From Contour Blinds.

Here at Contour Blinds we are always thinking of new ways of promoting our business, but on this occasion, we thought that it would be a neat idea to “talk about” the business itself in these uncertain times.

Yes, we really mean what we say about “A Lifetime In The Shade”. Contour Blinds was “born” in 1970 as a small business partnership which at that time incorporated a picture framing service. In 1991 when the owners retired it was acquired by its present owners and has been trading solely in the window shading business ever since.


We have always been proud of our ability to think outside the box and were one of the first businesses in the UK and Ireland to embrace technology with an ecommerce web site for window blinds. Who would have thought that 25 years ago people would sit in the comfort of their home and order blinds via the touch of a button? Looking back now, it was a bold move and one that has stood the test of time as we are now on “website number 4”. There is no doubt in my mind that when eBay and Amazon were launched in the mid 90’s it changed the perception of how we would shop in the future.

COVID-19 & Working From Home

It is no secret that 2020 will be a year that will go down in history and sadly for lots of the wrong reasons. I will never forget the night of 23 March 2020 when Boris Johnson told the nation that people must stay at home and certain businesses must close. It was a sleepless night for many but like a lot of businesses Contour Blinds responded to the challenge. It never entered out minds at that time that whilst the country was under a dark cloud there may be a silver lining looming on the horizon.

However, the penny soon dropped when we started to see an increase in our online sales. With 20/20 hindsight vision, if soon became apparent that with people being at home and a lot more time on their hands the decorating and refurbishing craze had started.

Now Here Lies The Problem

So, we now have a scenario where we are receiving lots of orders but with no ability to fulfil them as the factory was in lockdown. We wrote to every single customer explaining the situation and I was amazed with the positive response that we got back from the Great British public. I guess they realised that we were all in “the same boat.”

However, we knew that the lockdown wouldn’t last for ever and at the factory they were already preparing for the day that they would get the green light to get back doing to what they do best.

Another Date To Remember

With muted celebrations, on Tuesday 26th May the factory when back into production. There was a daunting challenge ahead because not only did they have to catch up with a two-month backlog of orders but had to work with social distancing regulations in place.

The only way forward was to introduce a shift pattern so that production could increase and with safety in mind.

Today at Contour Blinds and Going Forward

It if fair to say that this year has been a challenge for all businesses, and we are not any different. There may be full or partial lockdowns in the future but here are Contour Blinds we may be better placed that some others. As a family business we have the luxury of being able to make our own decisions quickly and effectively. In fact, we are the authors of our own destiny. We have stood the test of time and whilst the recent period has been a massive challenge, we have ridden the storm.

Over the years we have seen many changes, but we have never deviated from our original vision and that was to provide a top-quality product and at a fair price. Thankfully, our vision has stood the test of time. We pride ourselves in providing a first class customer service and our promise to you as our customer that we will go all out and do everything in our power to make your buying experience as seamless and stress free as possible.

Large Enough To Cope, Small enough To Care

We are more that aware the future of Blinds is to purchase on-line and fit yourself. Not only is there a huge savings on high street prices, but with present restrictions imposed by the government, why would you want to put your family at risk with having the “blind man” in your house being followed with fitters coming sometime later and moving around your home.

At Contour Blinds be know that it may be a daunting task, but we have taking every step to make the online process as seamless as possible, from our How To Measure Guide to our Fitting Guides etc.

Our Contact Us page is a must if you have any doubts or questions. OR, if you prefer you can phone us on 020 3239 5585 and speak to a real person who knows the window shading industry inside out. (I guess that’s just one advantage with dealing with a dedicated family business who have be “round the block” for a good few years).

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.