Durashade Blinds

“Sorry Dad!! But It Was MUM’S Idea. I Was Just Trying to HELP”
“Do you not remember that you kept promising Mum that you would measure the windows for new Durashade Blinds and order them on-line via Contour Blinds web site. You even got as far as downloading the Contour Blinds Measuring Guide and Mum ordered free samples via the Contact Us page.
“Let’s just go for walkies Dad and you and Mum can order the Contour Blinds Durashade Blinds later”
So, What Are Durashade Blinds?
Well, in simple terms they have a Vertical Blind headrail with rigid pvc Louvre slats. So, what is the difference from Louvre Blinds I hear you ask?
The main difference is in the slats. Being made from rigid pvc there is no requirement for the conventional weight and chains that you would associate with fabric Vertical Blinds making them ideal for an area where cats and dogs would be present. (Cats just love playing with the chains on the conventional louvre blinds).
Another great advance is the fact that because they are made from pvc and each slat is completely separated from each other, they simply be unhooked from the headrail and cleaned on a work bench with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. The slats have a slight contour so that when they are in the closed position, they overlap each other and provide good protection from light ingress and of course being made from pvc there is no light penetration through the slat itself. This makes this type of blind ideal for bedrooms or any other room where light ingress is a problem.
In recent times Durashade Blinds have become a lot more popular in wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc, in fact any room where damp could be present. There are also now used extensively in offices as they are ideal for keeping light away from computer screens. Durashade Blinds are so versatile that they can even be lightly sprayed with disinfectant to helps in the battle against Covid-19 which is great for shared work spaces and for factory production environments.
Patterned or Plain
You will be spoiled for choice at Contour Blinds. We have a range of 35 different colours and textures available. In can sometimes be difficult to get a feel of for colours and textures via a computer screen or tablet and for that very reason
we offer a FREE Sample Service.
All you need to do is the fill out our simple Contact Us Page with the name of the samples that you may be interested in and we will get them out to you via the next available post.
Controls Options
These Durashade Blinds are operated via Child Safe Controls. For ease of operation the controls can be positions on either side. Right or Left, your call. The rigid pvc slats can be split 50/50 from the centre and drawing to both sides or they can all be drawn to one side, that is, all to the right or all to the left.
Top Tip
If for example you have a patio door and the opening panel is sliding from left to right, then it would make good sense for the Durashade Blind to have the controls on the right and with the pvc slats all pulling from left to right. This means that went the door is open the slats won’t obstruct the open aperture nor will get damaged.
We Are Here To Help
As always, we at Contour Blinds will do all we can to make your buying experience as seamless as possible. We will make ourselves available to answer any question that you may have. There is no such thing as a stupid question and with over 25 years in the window shading industry we are confident that we won’t give you a stupid answer. Your question will be answered by someone with a world of window blind fitting experience.
You can contact us via our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible either my message or phone call.

y Dad!! But It Was MUM’S Idea. I Was Just Trying to HELP”