2020 has been a long hard year, and one that is etched in our minds for lots of negative reasons. However, the longer-term future looks a lot more positive and we now have good reason to look forward. With many people’s attitudes on life changing during 2020, we look ahead at the interior design trends for 2021.


Much research has been done into how colours affect our mood. Yellow inspires optimism, creating a summery feel; team it with charcoal and black for a modern look. Current trends show a real shift towards brighter colour with a clean-cut finish.

This year, Global colour authority, Pantone took the unusual step of naming two colours as their shades of the year. A Bright Yellow, and a Pale Grey.

This is only the second time ever that Pantone has made the bold move of naming TWO Colours of the Year.

Grey is the versatile and much loved neutral and teamed with zingy yellows it can create an energising feel to a room that works with any style. At Contour Blinds we are passionate about keeping ahead of the game and
the popular colours for 2021 are already in stock and available. 

We have greys available throughout our ranges including:

Decora Fauxwood Range
Range available here

Decora Sunwood Real Premier Wood Venetians With Tapes 
Range available here

If you really want to push the boat out why not consider our Decora Alumitex Range of 25mm Aluminium Blinds. With over 100 different colours you will have fun finding a “look to suit your mood”.

Visit our Alemitex range here

It doesn’t end there; how about a simple plain yellow or grey Roller Blind both available in Dimout or Blackout Fabrics.

Dim-Out Roller Blind in Splash Amalfi
Range available here

Blackout Roller Blind in Flint
Range available here


There are many people who have missed the freedom of going aboard in 2020, so with that in mind we welcome a return to a global inspiration in interiors, where our window blinds reflect our past travels.

We’re all yearning for this, right? Well, the laid-back lifestyle of Hawaii has been reimagined in this new trend. As we long for tropical getaways, interiors inspired by distant shores offer a calm and relaxing living space to make a home a safe and inviting place to recharge. Adding a contemporary edge to a classic floral design, tropical leaves and florals can be used to bring the outside indoors so how about choosing a Roller Blind from Contour Blind’s Designer Roller Blind Collection to emulate the varied Hawaiian landscape.

Designer Roller Blind in Lush Cargo.
View blind details here

The thoughts of Distant Shores fuel the mind with thoughts of tropical brights, subtle monotones and soft lemons. How about this blind as an option?

Designer Roller Blind in Addict Soleil
View blind details here


Gone are the days when a home office comprised of a table under the stairs with a huge monitor where the kids could play “Space Invaders.”

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus it has forced many of us to work remotely away from the office, something that we would never have dreamed of previously. A recent study has revealed that the savings in travel time from and too the office has reduced fatigue and stress dramatically in workers, making their work better and more efficient. However, a home office doesn’t have to be dull and drab. It needs to be a sanctuary where if we are going to spend at least eight hours a day in, we want it to be a welcoming and positive environment.

A great way to achieve this is by incorporating warm colours into the office space. Warm colours can feel really welcoming and we will see a lot of burnt oranges and peacock blues incorporated into people’s home offices going forwards. With office window shading it is important to consider that direct sunlight does not interfere with our vision or be allowed to be reflected onto out monitor. It a great idea is to fit a Blackout Louvre Blinds. 

At Contour Blinds we have a range of 46 different plain colours which will “answer the call.” See for yourself.

Black-Out Louvre Blin in Action
View the entire range here

These blinds are ideal for offices, bedrooms, or any area where direct sunlight poses a problem and when operated they will control light flow into the room.


Sometimes here at Contour Blinds we are so involved in what we do that it is easy to miss the obvious. After all we have spent “A LIFETIME IN THE SHADE.” Because we are so confident in all our products, we offer a FREE Sample Service. We are proud of the quality of all our blinds and are happy for you to “look before you leap.”

If you would like any samples or have any questions, please free to drop us a message on our “Contact Us”  page.