New Range Launch

Our latest Range of

Pleated Blinds

Whilst the world was no hold, at Contour Blinds we have been busy compiling our brand-NEW Range of Pleated Blinds. These blinds are becoming much more popular and many interior design gurus recommend them as their first choice especially for conservatories or to replace conventional Roller Blinds.

All our Pleated Blinds have 25mm (1”) pleats so no matter which option you choose you can be assured that they will always look neat and when not in use they will fold up neatly into a very small stack allowing maximum light into the room. To enable you, the customer to make the ideal selection we have introduced three types of these blinds which will cover any scenario.

Free Hanging Pleated Blinds

As the name suggests, these Pleated Blinds come suspended from a headrail which is available in NINE different colours from white and silver to oak and mahogany colours, so you can easily match with the colour of your window frame. The 25mm pleated fabrics are available in 31 different colours so you should not have any difficulty matching your soft fabric furnishings. We have recently noticed that customers are optioning for more bright colours as opposed to the traditional creams and whites. These blinds can be either Top Fixed of Face Fixed and as each and every blind is made to exact requirements you can have the Child Safe Controls on the side of your choice.

Tensions Bottom-Up Pleated Blinds

Please excuse the pun, but we couldn’t come up with a better name to describe how this Blind functions. However, “It does exactly as it says on the tin.”

Just like the Free Hanging Pleated Blind It has colour coordinated Headrail and Bottom Bar. The only difference is how you open and close these blinds. When fitted they have tensioned cords which are connected from the headrail to the internal windowsill via the bottom bar.

To operate the blind all you have to do is push the bottom rail up from the bottom or pull down from the top.

Again, just like the Free Hanging Range Pleated Blinds you will be spoilt for choice.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are great for conservatory doors and almost all windows with a UPVC frame. These blinds sit within their own frame, which simply clips onto your existing window frame. These are easy fit blinds, with no drilling required – simply clip the frame together, push the brackets into place between the rubber beading and glass, and clip the frame on. Installing your Perfect Fit window blind really is that simple.

No mess, no fuss, simply great looking blinds. Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for tilt and turn windows, French Doors, Bifold Doors, and Conservatory Windows. They are an easy and stylish way to cover doors and windows that would otherwise be a struggle with conventional ceiling-mounted blinds. As they are suitable for almost all UPVC window types, you can get a stylish, easy-to-fit blind on almost all windows in your home. These blinds can be “mixed and matched” with our Free Hanging Pleated Blinds. Choose from 39 different colours and patterns.

Remember, that whilst this selection process may be a new experience for you, at Contour Blinds we have been assisting customers for the best part of 30 years throughout the UK and Ireland and there are not too many scenarios that we have not come across.

With that in mind, we will be happy to offer you free advice on any of our blinds and are only a phone call away. We can be reached on 020 3239 5585 or you may find it easier to contact us via our online “Contact Us” page.