Wooden & Faux Wood Blinds Fitting Tips

Have you ever bought a self-assembly item and started to put it together and then when you hit a snag, decide to have a look at the instructions to find out where you went wrong?

I guess that when you receive your new blinds from Contour Blinds the process is pretty much the same. I was out on-site last weekend helping a friend to fit his new Real Wood Blinds and sure enough as soon as he opened box he set the instructions to one side and said, “what do I do now?”

This brought a little smile to my face, but it got me thinking. I have been fitting blinds for the best part of 30 years and can’t remember the last time I looked at fitting instructions.

All our blinds come complete with easy to understand Measuring and Fitting Instructions and can be found on our website However, there are little tips that you pick up along the way so after a bit of thought I asked him if we could shoot a quick video via his mobile phone so that I could explain some tips in simple terms.

Lights, Camera, Action

Ok. I apologise in advance, but I never set out to be a Tom Cruise and after playing back the short video, I reckon that I’m not due a career change any time soon.

Video Main Points

37 seconds –  Set you blind onto the windowsill. If it fits at the bottom then there a good chance that it will be a perfect fit when you install it.

50 seconds – Check that you have your fitting brackets and accessories.

1 minute 30 mins – Centre Support Bracket. Good tip as this bracket sometimes cannot be fitted in the centre as (dependant on the with of the blind) there may be a cord ladder mechanism in the centre.

1 minute 55 seconds – If you have a pvc window you will find that the handle for the vent protrudes into the Window Recess so you will need to fit the blind out from the window just enough to clear the handle when you raise and lower the blind.

2 minutes 20 seconds –  Good tip. Use one of the brackets as a template to move the other bracket out from the window thus avoiding the window handle when the blind is fitted. This will also ensure that when both brackets are fitted they will be exactly opposite each other.

2 minutes 50 seconds –  Where possible fit the brackets with screws to the side AND top.

4 minutes 34 seconds – Child Safety Device. Some Important Information here. All blinds supplied by Contour Blinds are made to BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.

Other Information

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