The 5 Most Asked Questions

 I guess that it is not unnatural for a prospective customer to be cautious when buying products online, especially if, for the first time, they are ordering window blinds that are going to be tailor-made to their exact requirements.

There is an old saying that there is no such thing as a stupid question, so this month we have decided to list the top five questions that we receive via our “Contact Us” page  and provide all the answers.

Question 1.

What is the difference between Window Recess Size and Exact Blind Size?

In simple terms, if for example, you have measured your window using our Measuring Guides  and have established that the window recess (plaster to plaster) is 1762mm in Width you should then order your blind in “Recess Sizes”.

The factory will make a small allowance so that when the blind when fitted, it will fit snugly into the window recess. (The normal allowance is 12mm). However, not all blinds are fitted into window recesses. A good example would be if you were fitting a blind onto a door.

Then you should decide exactly what size you want the blind made to and process your order as “Exact Blind Size.”

Question 2.

How do I measure for a Roof Blind?

All Roof Windows have  ID plates which are only visible in the bottom right-hand corner when you open the vent. At Contour Blinds we supply Roof Blinds in EIGHT different  Blackout Fabrics across six different ranges of manufacturers. 

If you look at the image you can see that the Window Code is a “Keylite T06”.

There are also some sizes (780mm x 1400mm). These sizes relate to the overall frame size and not the glass sizes.

E.g., Whilst the frame of the window is 780mm x 1400mm the visible glass size is 600mm x 1178. To order, all you need to do is to select your code in the dropdown menu.

Top Tip. When you locate the code, write it down straight away as there are quite a few similar codes. As an example, Keylite has codes 06, P06, and T06. Whilst the three different windows have the same overall frame sizes the glass sizes are different. A 06 blind WILL NOT fit a P06 or T06.

Question 3.

What do you recommend as the best blinds for my Bathroom?

When I am asked this question two things spring to mind. Privacy and Steam.

Roller Blinds are great for providing privacy but only when they are in the down position, so you have to be careful in your fabric choice.

Can you imagine what the blind would look like in a few months’ time if you rolled it down for privacy when taking a shower and then rolled it back up tracking the moisture in the fabric? Yep, you got it. Little spots of black mould creating an unhealthy environment and in turn a horrible-looking blind that requires replacing.

However, if a Roller Blind is your choice of window dressing you should have a look at our easy-wipe PVC blinds which are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens alike.  There is a broad selection of PVC fabric choices that are available in several colours.

How about a Faux Wood Venetian Blind as an alternative?  

These Eco-Friendly Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are the latest addition to the Decora Sunwood Range of “Wooden” Blinds. They emulate the warmth and richness of real wood but are manufactured from high-grade composite PVC.

All Made-to-Measure, these Faux Wood Venetian Blinds can easily be wiped clean as they are both waterproof and fire retardant. With 23 Colours available in a Smooth or Fine Grain Embossed Texture in a choice of 35mm or 50mm slats, you will be spoilt for choice.

Not only do they offer privacy, but at the same time the slats can be adjusted allowing natural light into the room.

These blinds would be an excellent choice for Bathrooms/Wet Rooms etc or in fact look great in any room and we have many customers who have fitted these blinds throughout their whole house making them our most popular range of blinds.

Question 4.

Can you send me a sample please so that I can get an idea of the product before I order?

The simple answer is “YES.” We are delighted when prospective customers request some samples. It indicates to us that they are serious about their purchase, and we are committed to making them feel at ease and will do all in our power to help make the decision process as seamless as possible.

If you require samples all you need to do is drop us a message via our “Contact Us Page” and we will send you your samples in the next post Free of Charge.

On our website we also have easy-to-follow measuring instructions  and easy to follow fitting instructions which can be downloaded if required

Question 5.

Is your Website Secure?

At Contour Blinds we have been trading for well over 25 years and were one of the very first businesses to have an e-commerce website where customers could go online and make purchases securely and we have been keeping up to date with all the new and up-to-date technology ever since. An example of this is that when you log in to Contour Blinds you will see a little padlock icon in the left-hand side in your browser bar. This indicates that the site is secured with a digital certificate. This means that any information sent between your browser and the website is sent securely and cannot be intercepted and read by someone else while the information is in transit.

Furthermore, in the payment section, when you enter your card details we have the best and most up-to-date form of protection. Our Payment Gateway (Stripe)  has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security in Stripe.

In conclusion and as at the start of this Blog, “there is no such thing as a stupid question.”  We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.