A Focus on Roof/Skylight Blinds

Perhaps the weather is not as favourable as we would like, but the days are getting longer and the nights are becoming shorter and with that in mind, we are going to have a look at Blinds that are specially designed for Roof Windows or Skylights.


In the “Old Days” people often referred to Roof Windows as Velux Windows as at that time Velux were perhaps the only supplier of Skylight Windows and even today many people refer to them as Velux when in fact they could have been manufactured by one of at least five different manufacturers. At the last count we at Contour Blinds had over 180 different size Blinds designed to fit roof windows from five different manufacturers.

Skye Blinds for Roof Windows

These blinds have been specifically designed to fit your Velux windows, New Generation Velux, Fakro, Keylite, Roodlite and Dkstra Roof Windows. All of these blinds are available in Blackout Material, so they are ideal for any type of room because they help to block out any unwanted light which is particularly good for bedrooms.

These Skye Roof Blinds come in a choice of EIGHT different Blackout Fabric Colours and a choice of either silver or white side rails and cassette.

Included in each order are all the parts, components, and easy-to-understand instructions. The only tool you will require is a screwdriver.

At Contour Blinds we have made it easy  to help you choose the right blind for your window as detailed below.

Skye Roof Blinds for Velux Windows

Velux windows have ben around for a long time and there are probably more of these type of roof windows that others throughout the UK and Ireland.

To order, all you need to do is find the Velux Window Code by opening the vent and making a note of the window code. It will be on the bottom right-hand corner on the vent. Then after you decide on fabric colour choice, simply select the required code (as per the code from the vent), choose either silver or white cassette and side channels and place your order.

Skye Roof Blinds for Keylite Windows

Again, these Keylite Roof Windows can easily be catered for with a Skye Roof Blind.

However, you just need to be extra careful that you make a note of the EXACT window code. E.g., A 06 Code is NOT the same as a P06 or T06.

As yet we do not supply the “P” or “T” Ranges, but we hope to have them available soon.

Skye Roof Blinds for Fakro Windows

Just like the Velux and Keylite Roof Windows you will be able to find the code you require in the bottom left-hand corner on the vent.

Visit our collection of Fakro Blinds by clicking here.

Skye Roof Blinds for Rooflite/Dakstra Windows

Perhaps not the most popular Roof Windows in the UK and Ireland, but at Contour Blinds we still provide a full range of Sky Roof Blinds for all codes. Both Rooflite and Dakstra share the same codes, so if you can find it then we will have a blind to fit.

Visit our collection of Dakstra Blinds by clicking here.

Designer Roof Blinds for Roof Windows

If you want to push the boat out you can have a Roof Blind made special from our range of Roller Blind Fabrics from the Decora Fabric Box Range.

These fabrics include both plains and patterns and in Dimouts or Blackout.

For a full range of Blackout Fabrics

For a full range of Dimout Fabrics

For a full range of Designer Fabrics

If you would like a price for Roof Blinds from our Decora Fabric Box Range of Roller Blind Fabrics, please forward you Roof Blind Code with your choice of fabric and we will get back to you with a price.

You can email us on sales@contourblinds.co.uk or send the details via our Contact Us Page.

If in doubt about your colour choice, just ask us for a FREE FABRIC SAMPLE.