A Fresh Look at Vertical/Louvre Blinds

With the innovation of new types of window dressings, it is not surprising that when some people “Think Blinds,” they are spoilt for choice. At Contour Blinds we have been supplying all types of blinds since 1993 and during this time our Vertical Blinds have stood the test of time and are just as popular today as they were all those years ago.

What is a Vertical Blind?

Because blinds is “what we do,” it is probably worth explaining exactly what Louvre Blinds are, their versatility and the best applications for their use and this will go some way to explain why they are still as popular today as they have always been.

A Vertical Blind Louvre Blinds consists mainly of a headrail and vertical strips of fabric called louvres. The headrail stretches the length of the window and the louvres hang from it. They are drawn across the window by Child Safe control cords, which also allows them to be tilted.

As all blinds supplied by Contour Blinds are made to measure they can have the Operating Controls on either side. Lets face it. You don’t want to be diving behind your TV to open and close your blinds when you could just as easily had the controls fitted on the other end of the blind. When drawing the blinds (just like drawing a pair of curtains) most people prefer what we call in the trade “a split draw.” This simpley means that in this application when you open the blinds the fabric will draw evenly to both sides from the centre of the blind.

As an alternative when you are ordering your blinds you have an option to have all the fabric drawing to either the Right OR Left side. This is a partically good option for a two pane Patio Doors

Ideal Applications for Vertical or Louvre Blinds

Patio Doors

Vertical Blinds provide by far, the cheapest option to provide sun screening and privacy for Patio Doors. If for example you have a two panelled door with the right-hand door opening from Right to Left then it makes good sense to have your blind controls on the Left with all the fabric drawing to the left. In simple terms, that means that when you are using the door, there is on obstruction from the fabric as it can be drawn away from the opening keeping it clean. Because these types of blinds would normally come down to almost floor level you might consider an easy clean wipeable pvc Blackout Fabric. 

Windows and Conservatories

Again, just like Patio Doors our Louvre Blinds are perfect for windows. You will be spoilt for choice from our huge range of fabrics. We have a range of 60 plain dimout colours from traditional whites and creams all the way through to bright vibrant colours. 

 Many of the same fabric colours are also available in Black Out’s. 

 As an alternative you might prefer a patterned dim out fabric. If so, you will have a choice of 37 different patterns in White and Creams and a few extra colours to add to the mix. 


It is a fact that on-line shopping is here to stay, and that Contour Blinds were one of the first Blind Business in the UK and Ireland to have an on-line presence. With that in mind we are conscious that once you start your journey for on-line “Blind Shopping” you might feel more comfortable in the knowledge that we have helped many thousands with free and unbiased help over many years. There is no such thing as a stupid question but there may be many stupid answers.

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To enable you to make your choice we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you would like any free fabric samples just use our on-line Contact Us page with your request and we will have them sent out in the next post.

In the meantime-Happy Shopping.