The 5 Most Asked Questions

 I guess that it is not unnatural for a prospective customer to be cautious when buying products online, especially if, for the first time, they are ordering window blinds that are going to be tailor-made to their exact requirements. There is an old saying that there is no such thing as a stupid question, so […]

The Story So Far & The Other Side of Me

I was having a quite drink with a friend a week or so ago and as usual the conversation drifted to the topic of Blinds. He stopped me in my tracks and said something like, “Blinds, Blinds, you are always talking about Contour Blinds”. I replied, “It’s my life, it’s what I do, and after […]

A Focus on Roof/Skylight Blinds

Perhaps the weather is not as favourable as we would like, but the days are getting longer and the nights are becoming shorter and with that in mind, we are going to have a look at Blinds that are specially designed for Roof Windows or Skylights. Introduction.. In the “Old Days” people often referred to […]

“A lifetime in the Shade” From Contour Blinds.

Here at Contour Blinds we are always thinking of new ways of promoting our business, but on this occasion, we thought that it would be a neat idea to “talk about” the business itself in these uncertain times. Yes, we really mean what we say about “A Lifetime In The Shade”. Contour Blinds was “born” […]

Looking To Invest In Wood Venetian Blinds?

Looking To Invest In Wood Venetian Blinds? Some people get confused in the difference between venetian blinds and louvre blinds. Wood Venetian Blinds are manufactured using a series of horizontal adjustable wooden slats held apart by little cord ladders and can be pivoted on their axis by cord controls. WHY WOOD?? All our eco-friendly Decora […]

How To Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you’ve just invested in some beautiful wooden venetian blinds, you need to know how best to keep them clean so they stand the test of time and don’t need replacing sooner rather than later. Here’s a quick guide to getting it right. Whatever you do, don’t use detergents and water as you can easily […]