A Focus on Aluminum Venetian Blinds

With new types of Window Blinds coming to market on a frequent basis it is sometimes hard to keep up with what is the “flavour of the day.” When Contour Blinds  first started manufacturing Blinds, the choice was pretty limited with only Roller Blinds,  Vertical or Louvre Blinds  and at that time Wood Venetian Blinds  […]

New Roof Blinds For Keylite Windows

It’s been a long wait, but at long last we at Contour Blinds are proud to introduce our Brand New Ranges of Skye Blinds which are compatible for the complete range of Keylite Roof Windows.  Up to now we could only supply blinds for Keylites’ older style of Roof Blinds which created some confusion as […]

New Products for 2022

Let’s Start with the Year with Some Good News After a challenging year due to the uncertainties of Brexit leading to stock issues etc we have decided to kick off the New Year with some new products to supplement our already massive range of Blinds. This process will be ongoing over the next few months […]

Christmas 2021 Discount

Well, that was a quick year. It only seems like yesterday that I was writing a few words of seasonal greetings. It almost seems like “Ground Hog” day, when on the run up to Christmas the main topic of conversation was the virus and staying safe. “No change there then” I hear you say.  Contour Blinds in 2021. It has […]

Wooden & Faux Wood Blinds Fitting Tips

Have you ever bought a self-assembly item and started to put it together and then when you hit a snag, decide to have a look at the instructions to find out where you went wrong? I guess that when you receive your new blinds from Contour Blinds the process is pretty much the same. I […]

Blue Light Card

BLUE LIGHT CARD = 10% DISCOUNT SCHEME! WHY?? Well. Why not. Let’s face it. The last eighteen months have been some the most challenging times in living memory.  I will never forget the night of 23 March 2020 when Boris Johnson told the nation that people must stay at home and certain businesses must close. It was a sleepless night […]

Detailed Tips on How To Measure For Your Blinds

We often get messages via our Contact Us Page requesting specific advice regarding measuring windows so we thought it might be a god idea to have a look in hopefully answer some questions in advance that you may have. No doubt you have heard the saying “measure twice and cut once.” There is no need […]

Panel Blinds

What are Panel Blinds? This is perhaps the least known type of blind in the UK and Ireland. In basic simple terms it could be described as a “Giant Louvre Blind, ” but in truth there is an awful more to it. Panel Blinds initially evolved in East Asia and as a result, they fit […]

A Fresh Look at Vertical/Louvre Blinds

With the innovation of new types of window dressings, it is not surprising that when some people “Think Blinds,” they are spoilt for choice. At Contour Blinds we have been supplying all types of blinds since 1993 and during this time our Vertical Blinds have stood the test of time and are just as popular […]