Black Friday is Here

I bet you can remember seeing this image on your TV screens in the past!!

Last night I was chilling and watching a little bit of telly when I couldn’t help but notice that the adds were full of “Black Friday Deals” and special discounts. It got me thinking! What really is “Black Friday”, where did it come from and is it something we at Contour Blinds could use

The History of Black Friday

There are a few conflicting theories of the origin of Black Friday, but I believe that it is a fair bet to say that it all started in America. Historically it was sparked by a ring of speculators, led by Jay Gould and James Fisk, who attempted to corner the gold market. In early September 1869, they bought as much bullion as they could get their hands on, causing the price of gold to skyrocket. They also enlisted the help of Abel Corbin, the brother-in-law of President Ulysses S. Grant. They wanted him to persuade the president to limit the metal’s availability, which would drive its price even higher.

But their attempt to use the White House to manipulate the supply failed. When Grant learned what was happening, he ordered the U.S. Treasury to sell gold instead. The government unloaded $4 million worth, and on Friday, Sept. 24, 1869, the price of gold fell from $160 to $130 per ounce. The gold market collapsed, causing the stock market to plummet more than 20% in the next week, ruining many investors. The day became known in financial history as Black Friday.

Black Friday Today in the UK.

Today, retailers have found a way to reinvent Black Friday and turn it into something that reflected positively, rather than negatively, for them and their customers.

Black Friday always falls on the last Friday of November, which means Black Friday 2022 will take place on 25 November. As you might already know though, many retailers have started their deals early and some will even extend them into December.

Black Friday for Contour Blinds

Since August last year we have been supporting the Blue Light Card system which provides those in the NHS, emergency services, social care sector and armed forces with a discount when they place an online order. I guess it was a gesture of goodwill as they were the people that were on the frontline in the fight against Covid. But haven’t things changed in the last year. Through no fault of their own, millions of people are now finding that they are struggling financially and for that reason we have decided to create a DISCOUNT SCHEME FOT ALL

SO, HERE IS THE DEAL. With immediate effect and to the end of the month, Contour Blinds will offer each and every customer a 10% Discount on every single blind across the complete ranges on our website. At Checkout all you need to do is to insert BF10KJ in the “Coupon Code” box and then click on the “Apply Coupon” box. Job Done.

The Small Print.

This a “One-Off Promotion” and we reserve the right to terminate and withdraw this promotion at any time without notice.

The discount only applies to the cost of the blinds and not any carriage costs.

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