Blind Maintenance Tips for Louvre or Vertical Blinds


By way of a change, we thought that this month it might be a good idea to offer some basic advice regarding Blind Maintenance. In this edition we have chosen Louvre Blinds for the topic.

After all our reputation at Contour Blinds is at stake if you have a simple problem and are not aware of a “simple fix”. Just like a car, every now and again it needs a little TLC to keep it in tip top condition. I guess the difference is that car maintenance can be quite expensive whereas looking after your blinds is simply good housekeeping and makes a lot of sense.

Louvre or Vertical Blinds

Have you ever been in a situation where you have noticed that when you operate the chain to open/close the slats, some slats appear to be a little bit open when all the rest are shut? You will find that this can easily happen to the slats at each end of the blind. “Why is that”, I hear you ask? Simple is the easy answer.

Often, when the blinds have been rotated, the end slats have got caught up in the curtains and whilst the rest have turned as intended a few have not. I know there is a tendency to grab the slat and twist it, but this is definitely not the correct way to sort out the problem.

Solution. Firstly, make sure that all the slats are free to rotate by pulling the curtains away from the blind. Then, and with you free hand support the headrail at the top and at the same time pull the operating chain to open/close the slats.

When you feel the chain getting tight, simply keep pulling. It will make quite a loud clicking sound, but don’t be concerned, this is normal. Now all you need to do is to repeat the same process but in the opposite direction and “hey presto” job done. You should see that all the slats are now back in sync.

Maintenance. As all headrails have moving parts it would a good idea to clean and lubricate periodically. An old toothbrush it great and helps you to access all the difficult areas.

Once you have removed the dust use a lint free cloth to wipe a few drops of light oil along the tilt rod inside the rail. Once completed you should operate the blind a few times to ensure an even distribution of the oil.

However, it is important not no use to much oil and don’t be tempted to use spray oil e.g. WD40 as you can be assured that it will drip onto your fabric slats.

Replacement Vertical Blinds. As with all soft furnishings, fashions change and sooner or later you may decide that now is the time to replace your Louvre Blinds. At Contour Blinds you will be spoilt for choice.

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Conclusion. If would like any advice regarding your blind maintenance or would like any FREE SAMPLES for replacement blinds feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us Page. We have many many years of experience in the Window Dressing Business and we will do all we can to help. If you have any tips about how you look after your blinds, again, feel free to drop us a line or call us on 020 3239 5585.