Blue Light Card



Well. Why not. Let’s face it. The last eighteen months have been some the most challenging times in living memory.

 I will never forget the night of 23 March 2020 when Boris Johnson told the nation that people must stay at home and certain businesses must close. It was a sleepless night for many, but like lots of businesses Contour Blinds responded to the challenge. It never entered our minds at that time that whilst the country was under a dark cloud there may be a silver lining looming on the horizon.

However, the penny soon dropped when we started to see an increase in our online sales. With 20/20 hindsight vision, it soon became clear that with people being at home and with a lot more time on their hands the decorating and refurbishing craze had started.


Do you remember when every week we actually looked forward to standing on our doorsteps and clapping hands for the NHS. It was a chance to wave at our neighbours and touch base at the reality of the situation that we found ourselves in.

Looking back, it seems like a lifetime ago, but when some were confined to home, others were working flat out to protect us.

At Contour Blinds we were taking stock of the situation and preparing for the time that we could get back to some sort of normality.

A Moment of Reflection

There is probably not a family in the country that hasn’t been touched by the pandemic in some form or other. I guess that on the scale of things at Contour Blinds we have been “lucky.” Once we got over the initial shock of the reality of the situation we soon realised that our on-line sales was going from strength to strength and NOW is the time to pay back.

Blue Light Card

I remember that my father used to say, “what you sow, you shall reap” and I guess it is a pretty true statement.

As a nation we would not be as well off as we are if it wasn’t for the complete and selfless dedication of our NHS workers and Emergency Services over the last eighteen months.

When asked to step up to the plate, they have given their all and worked well beyond the “call of duty.”

As a small token of our gratitude, we have enrolled with the Blue Light Card scheme to offer a 10% Discount to all those who have worked above and beyond what would normally be required of them.

Blue Light Card

Ok. Here's The Deal

This offer is open to the following:
4×4 Response,  Ambulance Service,  Blood Bikes,  Border Force, Army,  Cave Rescue,  Community First Responders,  Fire Service,  Highways England Traffic Officer, Armed Forces Veterans,  HM Coastguard,  HM Prison Service,  Immigration Enforcement,  Lowland Search and Rescue,  MoD Fire Service,  MoD Police,  Mountain Rescue,  NHS,  Police,  Red Cross,  Reserve Armed Forces,  RNLI,  Royal Air Force,  Royal Marines,  Royal Navy,  Search and Rescue,  Social Care Workers,  St Andrews Ambulance,  St John Ambulance,  UK Visas and Immigration..

All you need to  do is insert a special Discount Code on the Order Checkout Page. This can be obtained by requesting via email to or my sending a request via our “Contact Us Page

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Terms and Conditions

10% Discount for ALL Window Blinds. This does not include any carriage costs or any extras. Offer open to all Blue Light Card members and their family and friends but the order can only be placed by members. Contour Blinds reverse the right to end this offer at any time and without notice. By using the Discount Offer, you agree to receive our Monthly  Newsletter. All other Terms and Conditions are as detailed on our website.