Panel Blinds

What are Panel Blinds?

This is perhaps the least known type of blind in the UK and Ireland. In basic simple terms it could be described as a “Giant Louvre Blind, ” but in truth there is an awful more to it. Panel Blinds initially evolved in East Asia and as a result, they fit seamlessly with traditionally inspired Japanese décor.

Room Dividers

Today, many homes feature combined living and kitchens spaces. These areas are easy to enjoy but can sometimes feel overly open and somewhat cold. By using panel blinds as a room divider or partition, you can enjoy a wider space for entertaining, but should you want to make your living space cosier, simply draw the elegant blinds from one wall to the opposite and enhance the snugness and ambience.

Other Uses

Panel Blinds are stylish, elegant, and functional. The wide slats make panel blinds the perfect addition to any larger window in either your home, or a design-conscious working environment. They look equally at home on sliding doors.

At Contour Blinds our interior designer has selected 31 different colours combinations for you to browse by clicking here and these blinds can be bought “straight off the peg” and tailor made to your required sizes. However, your choice is endless.

You can mix and match ANY of the fabrics from our Decora Fabric Box Roller Blind Section.  For an individual personalised Panel Blind  made in colour fabric choice, send us a message via our Contact Us Page,  with all the relevant details i.e., fabric choice sizes etc and we will work out a price for you.

How to use Panel Blinds?

Just like a vertical blind these blinds are made up of different pieces of fabric. (For the best visual effect, we would always suggest, a minimum of three panels and that no panels should be any wider than 800mm. The individual panel widths are determined by the overall blind width and the number of panels. Of course, if you have a large area to cover you can have up to ten panels on five tracks. They are all attached to a headrail which is determined by the total width and number of panels required.

Widths available is from 600mm to 5000mm. Heights from 450mm to 3500mm.

How Creative Can You Get?

So here is the challenge!! The versatility of panel blinds leaves you with a vast array of usage options.

Why not have a look at ALL the fabrics available at our Panel Blind Section

Also, browse through our Roller Designer Range

And now have a look at all the plain colours to mix and match in our Decora Fabric Box Dim Out Roller Blinds

Any Questions??

We will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have. Would you like FREE Samples? If so, just get in touch via our contact page and we will do all we can to help.

There are probably no questions that we have not been asked before, so remember, “We are here to help”.