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Plisse Pleated Blind-Free Hanging/Tensioned Bottom Up-Kana Navy Blue

All our Plisse Pleated Blinds are crafted with care and are noted for their slim and streamlined design. They are functional and elegant, providing maximum privacy when required. The pleats are only 20mm so when not in use they fold up into a tidy, neat stack. In this range, you can choose from either a free-hanging option OR a Side Tension System where you can simply push the up from the bottom.




NOTE. Free Hanging Blinds are available in sizes from WIDTH up to 2200mm and HEIGHT up to 2500mm.
Tensioned Blinds are available in sizes from WIDTH up to 1500mm and HEIGHT up to 2500mm.



NOTE: If you provide RECESS SIZES the factory will make a small allowance on the width of the blind so that it fits neatly into the Window Recess. With EXACT SIZES NO allowances will be made.

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