The Story So Far & The Other Side of Me

I was having a quite drink with a friend a week or so ago and as usual the conversation drifted to the topic of Blinds. He stopped me in my tracks and said something like, “Blinds, Blinds, you are always talking about Contour Blinds”. I replied, “It’s my life, it’s what I do, and after all I have been doing it for 30 years” After a little thought he said, “Why not for once talk about you and the other side of your life, away from blinds.”

So Here We Are

After much consideration I decided to speak about my life away from Blinds and work, and I truly hope that no-one thinks that I am being big headed. 

In the early days I was an aircraft engineer but was spending a long time away from home and decided that my career needed to change.

My first business venture was a laundry and dry-cleaning business which ran in parallel with the Birth of Contour Blinds.

It soon became apparent that with my engineering background manufacturing blinds was the way forward especially with the Building Boom in the late ‘80’s and some 30 years on we are still talking Blinds, Blinds, Blinds.


Like many others I love to travel. Some years ago, I spent a month visiting friends in Australia. It’s a big place so there might be another visit in the future.

For my last “big birthday” my partner booked a surprise holiday to Vietnam. What an experience!! I loved it. I have always wanted to see the tunnels from the war, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Another big holiday I thoroughly enjoyed was when we toured 16 countries in Europe by motorbike. (I love my bike).

Since the outbreak of Covid like many others we have not really travelled but things are now looking better for the future.


When its not Blinds, Blinds, Blinds then its Bikes, Bikes, Bikes.

I just love motorbikes, and everything associated with them.

My passion is racing whether its Road Racing like the Isle of Mann TT or Track Racing. I was brought up in the same area as Joey Dunlop who was five times World Champion. I have fond memories of Joey and his brother Robert who sadly are no longer with us.

My former home was on the North West 200 Road Race Course and I was able to see them as they screamed past my house at over 200 mph.

In November I am off to the last round of the MotoGP in Valencia. I have always been a huge fan of Valentino Rossi so I will be able to watch him in his last ever MotoGP race.

Say hello to my baby:

My Partner

My life partner is call Siobhan who also plays an active roll in the business.

If you are a Country Music fan you might recognise her as the singer called Sally O’Brien. That was the stage name given to her when she went to Nashville which is the home of Country Music.

She has 14 CDs to her credit and has performed four times on the stage of the “Grand Ole Opry.”

One of her albums is a duet with the legendary Porter Wagoner who at that time was the Master of the Grand Ole Opry.

Sally (Siobhan to me) has also toured with Charlie Pride and at the pinnacle of her music career her and her band was the support act for Slim Whitman when he performed at Wembley.

These days when she in not working in the business, she enjoys sewing and quilting.


This blog has been a very different one to those we published previously and whilst it has really nothing to do with blinds we hope it gives a small insight in the humans behind the technology.

However, it is not designed to detract from what we do. (Have I mentioned Blinds, Blinds, Blinds). If you have managed to stay awake and get to the bottom of this blog and are interested in finding out more about our products, please get in touch via our Contact Us Page

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